Dan and Okses Podcast 31st March 2015

• April 3rd, 2015

Hello listeners.  Well, you're readers at the moment but hopefully you'll become listeners too soon.

The very fact that I've used the plural there conjures up images of large groups of people, possibly in a hall or arena, listening to our podcast that the devoted people of North Korea listened to the mad ramblings of their Supreme Leader.
Most likely though it's just a lonely person in a room, laughing and crying at the same time.
So, this podcast is devoted to that person - it could be you.     But don't worry, we'll help stop the crying by increasing the laughter.   It's medical and stuff.  
And on that note, here's our new Podcast - we discuss:
Glynis Barber
Alena Politukha (the girlfriend of that Ukranian politician with the sexy instragram pics)
We also answer questions, lovingly submitted on that there inter net
And there's another 2 man story game thing which this time, doesn't sink to quite the same level of pube based filth the last one did
So, give it a listen, find some time in your day for our words, we shall soothe, we shall amuse.     Combination of soothing and amusing   Samusing.   Sounds like a make of phone
Listen, share, love, comment, interact, LIVE goddamit, live
Listen Now:

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Dan and Okses Podcast March 7th 2015

• March 11th, 2015

Hurrah hurray and sing from the rooftops like a merry chimney sweep.   Dan and Okse have done a new podcast after an 18 month hiatus - is that the right word, hiatus?  Yeah.   That

Bounding back into your ears we discuss:
The Welsh Word Cwtch
Harrison Ford
That dress
Religious door knocking folk
Pharrell Williams and the dancing internet man
All topped off with a creative tale of a man shaving off all his body hair
It's a joy to behold, it really easy.
So, support us on our mission to become the conversational ear worms of your life.    Listen to us on the bus, in your car, in the bath, heck even in the supermarket if you're feeling kinda flighty.    Subscribe, share us, talk about it, message us, get involved
Good to be back.   
Listen Now:

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Dan and Okses Podcast 8th August 2012

• August 8th, 2012

It's that time again! that time when we conjure up the spirit of humourous conversation from wherever she doth dwell and sprinkle our magic word dust into your ears.  It's not just a podcast, it's a mystical happening.   Actually, it's just a podcast.  Two men from the West Midlands, both hastily approaching middle age, squeezing out the last bits of joyful folly from their minds before old age and inevitable right-wing attitudes take over.

Enjoy us now whilst we're all liberal and funny.

Can't remember what we talked about and, to be frank I can't be all that bothered to listen to it again.  I recommend you do though, it's all fresh to you, I've heard it all once already, whilst speaking it

Peace y'all

Dan - of Dan and Okses Podcast

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Dan and Okses Podcast 21st June 2012

• June 24th, 2012

So, right, we have a little chat before we record, come up with a few ideas that sort of thing (yeah, there's some planning goes behind this!) and, typically one of us will have the responsibility of writing the subjects down and attempting to offer some kind of direction to the proceedings- kind of like the project manager in the apprentice or something.

This month I'm project manager and I wrote the subjects down on the back of an envelope using a permanent marker.  The fact that a permanent marker was used has no bearing on the rest of this story but I felt it added a bit of realism and depth, that sort of thing.  Anyway, wrote stuff down, recorded podcast, uploaded podcast and now I've thrown the envelope out so I can't describe what the content is.  Great story eh.   Guess I could listen to the podcast again but that seemed a bit long winded. Even more long winded than writing this explanation.

From memory - the Football (euro 2012), erm, Zombies I think, er Jimmy Carr and tax havens, ladyboys (again) and probably some more stuff about ladyboys.

Anyway, I don't fancy lady boys.  Just thought I'd throw that out there.

So, listen to the podcast, download it if you like it especially and if you could help spread the word we'll like you enormously.  You may not feel this liking instantly but, believe me it will be present and will remain with you for the rest of your natural life.  And beyond

we now have a twitter, erm, presence @danandokse so, again, it'd be a huge huge help if you could follow and help us to get our meandering genius out into the wider world.  Is genius to strong a word to use? quite possibly

Thanks all

Dan of Dan and Okse's Podcast

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Dan and Okses special Jubilee Podcast

• June 4th, 2012

Another long break from us then. After Vishnu knows how long somehow the planets have aligned and created this "happening" once more, even coinciding with the Queens Jubilee. Now there's fate for you.

Anyway, it's been a long time, a long time, a long lonely lonely lonely lonely time (is that too many lonelies?) but now, we're BACK, back in black. Actually, I'm not wearing black, apart from my socks. But that's not the point, the point is we've a new podcast, peel open your earpipes to hear us SPEAK, yes, actually SPEAK about The Jubille, The Weather, me going on a cruise, MIB3, The Artist, Prometheus and wise words.

I'm sure you'll learn something so, have a listen and do help us out if you like what you hear - you can retweet and all that malarkey by following us both - @darealdansmith and @okse

Thanks and keep larfin'


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Dan & Okses Podcast 21st November 2011

• November 22nd, 2011

Hello folks. Another lovely conversation packed podcast from Dan & Okse where we put our unique (if you say so) twist on the subjects of Big Brother 2011,  the worst pain in the world, Frankie Cocozza, Hawkins Bazaar, Bad eyesight and Norris Mcwirter being a Nazi

All strong subjects we think you'll agree

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Dan & Okses Podcast 21st October 2011

• October 21st, 2011

Yo, dudes and dudesses, welcome to the lovely new podcast from Dan and Okse.    Statistically 49% more enjoyable than Strictly, X Factor and Sex combined.

Vosene Shampoo, The Dale Farm Eviction, Split bin liners, The new Noel Gallagher album, The Ricky Gervais "mong" scandal, Little people, Celebrity Coach Trip, The tragic split of Westlife all get the Dan and Okse conversational coverage.    This weeks "mysteries of the world" is  - where do flies go in winter.

It's a marvellous treat for the ears.   Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!   assuming you've listened to it and not just read this.

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Dan and Okses Podcast 15th October 2011

• October 15th, 2011

Right, this podcast has been like a traumatic birth or something.  There was pain, tears (that's the crying kind, not the ripping of genitals kind typically associated with childbirth) and technical frustrations in abundance.

Firstly we had problems with our usually reliable Podbean account which I've now realised was actually a problem with my laptop.   So we sourced a new podcast host which turned out to be completely crap and now, we're back at podbean again.  This explains why there's a mention of the podcast being on Jellycast, rather than here.  And also explains why we start the podcast by saying it's September the 27th - as it was when we first recorded it.  3 freaking weeks ago.

Anyway, this is a very good podcast if we do say so ourselves.  Sound quality leaves a little to be desired (see earlier comment about technical problems) but the content is literally briliant.

Subject matters include - why only you can say bad things about your mom, Star wars being released on Blu Ray, Duncan Bannatyne doing impressions of Jar Jar Binks, Internet Dating, Spy Kids 4D and a new feature "Dan and Okses Mysteries of the World"  which aims to answer great mysteries that have puzzled man since, like, ever.

So, forget the woes of recent times and expose your ears to the joys of Dan and Okses newest podcast.

Thanks for listening.  Or at the very least, reading this bit.

Dan (of Dan and Okses podcast)

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Dan & Okses Podcast 19th May 2011

• May 18th, 2011

Hello peeps, Okse and I have just polished off a lovely new podcast of our talking and stuff. We cover the marvellous topics of Gypsies, Tattoos, The awfulness of Kenneth Clarke and a man who carried out his unusual interests in the toilets of the Bullring in Birmingham

All award winning stuff I'm sure you'll agree. But don't take my word for it, get your earpipes round our podcast

Stay happy and all that

Dan (of Dan & Okses Podcast)

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Dan & Okses Podcast 6th May 2011

• May 6th, 2011

Hello all and welcome to a lovely new podcast from Oxo and me. In this one - and I can remember cos we only recorded it last night - we discuss The Royal Wedding, the somewhat bizarre "death" of Bin Laden and how art can mess up your kids future.

Get on it, it's a happening!


Dan - of Dan & Okses Podcast

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